We know how important it is to get to know and trust your supplier

You are not the only one who asks how we do what we do, so we have taken the time to answer any questions you may have. If you come up with something not covered here, please reach out via email, or leave us your information using our contact form.

Purchasing equipment from my company?
Selling units to me?
Renting units from you?
Spare Parts supply?
Purchasing equipment from my company?
    1. Wait… why would you purchase my used equipment?
      1. Well, we believe this actually helps out both parties; you can make a profit off the machine (more on that later) and get a new one, while we will be able to refurbish the unit and export it.
    2. Ok, so, do you buy all types of machinery?
      1. We buy all types of used rolling material-handling equipment such as forklifts, telehandlers, wheel loaders, man-lifts and container handlers. (Lifting, Construction and Port Equipment).
    3. Right, nice. Where are you located?
      1. Our HQ is located in Aventura, FL, just up north from sunny, lively Miami.
    4. So, how are you going to buy my unit up here in Oregon?
      1. We buy all over the United States and Canada. The machines we purchase, we refurbish and then sell overseas.
    5. Yeah, but, don’t you need to inspect the machine or something?
      1. Sure, that can be done. Most of the time, though, we work on establishing trust with you: we just need you to share a few details on the unit, some basic specs and images if possible, for us to make a decision. If we like what we see, we can reach a price agreement with you.
    6. Uh-huh. So, how do you pay me?
      1. After we agree on a price, we make a wire transfer to your bank account, within 24 hours of such agreement being reached. Once you’ve confirmed you are in possession of those funds, we can begin arranging for pick-up logistics. Our Freight Department takes care of that.
    7. Yeah, but my machines are on a lease contract. Can I still sell them to you?
      1. We encounter this situation from time to time. We can buy from you, but it depends on the type of lease contract you have. Some leasing companies have a “buy-out” option on the contract, allowing you to keep the unit paying them a determinate amount (depending from the specific terms of the contract). Generally speaking, though, if your contract has a buy-out option for X amount, we can pay you more than X, so everybody wins: you make some profit, we keep the older machine, and you can get a new one from the leasing company.
    8. You can pay me more than the buy-out option? How!?
      1. Not only on leasing contracts, by the way. In general terms, we can pay you more than most companies out there because we’re major players worldwide. We export the units we end up buying, which allows us to “subsidize” the purchases back home.
    9. I’m still not convinced. I think I’ll take my chances with the auction house.
      1. That’s OK. We understand. Just so you know, though, most auction sites charge a listing fee, and will also add their service fee if a sale is completed. On top of that, they have you pay for transportation of your unit(s) to and from their auction site.
    10. Oh, and you don’t?
      1. Not at all! We buy as-is/where-is. You don’t have to worry about freight or repair costs, since we take care of those.
    11. Huh… interesting. Well… my equipment is too old, anyway. You wouldn’t buy that, right?
      1. We buy equipment in any condition, actually. Remember, “a man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. We have certain criteria to judge whether or not we can buy your unit, but sometimes what you consider old, is still usable (After some well-deserved TLC) and can provide an excellent unit to a company/individual in a different country that cannot afford a brand-new unit.
    12. Really, any condition? What about units that don’t run?
      1. Absolutely. We refurbish what we buy, constantly. That includes units that have been decommissioned. All we need is some info, really: you tell us what’s wrong with the machine, what it is missing, what’s leakin’, what’s smokin’, and we’ll let you know if we can purchase from you.
Selling units to me?
    1. I’m looking for a new unit. Can you give me some options?
      1. We’re specialists in used, pre-owned equipment, in excellent condition, low hours, which has received full service recently.
    2. Oh… well. I could go for a used one. Do you have such-and-such make?
      1. Chances are, we do. We don’t represent a particular machine manufacturer, and that allows us to maintain diversity in our stock. We carry many commercial and high quality makes, so make sure you visit our inventory to get an idea of what we have available.
    3. Nice! So, what’s the price for this unit?
      1. Tell you what, why don’t you give us a call and ask that question again? Several factors affect the final quote on a unit (such as the location where you need it), and it would be better to get a clearer idea of what your needs are to give an accurate pricing.
    4. I see… do you only export, or can you also sell domestically?
      1. While our main focus is selling overseas, we can definitely help you meet your equipment needs in the US or Canada.
    5. Alright, I’m interested. Do you provide any financing?
      1. Yes, we do. We have experience providing equipment financing and leasing. No matter if you need small or large machinery. Call us so we can study your case and adapt to your requirements.
    6. Listen, that’s all great and all, but the price you quoted me is a little out of my budget…
      1. That’s OK, you don’t have to go. We are more than happy to hear what you have to offer, as we believe each and every proposal needs to be studied. Help us become your allies in equipment provision, by trusting us. Send us your proposal, and the board will study it.
    7. What about Warranty? Are you offering any?
      1. Sure we are. We defined a 30-day warranty clause on every piece of equipment on major components (such as transmission and engine).
Renting units from you?
    1. My company is currently looking to rent equipment for our operations. Do you offer this modality?
      1. Absolutely, we can rent you the units you need, for an agreed-upon period of time.
    2. For how long? Is there a minimum?
      1. There may be, but it depends on a lot of factors. Call us and we’ll find common ground to make this happen.
    3. Hmm… I need it for only 1 month…
      1. Well, here’s what happens when we rent a unit to a customer: the unit is dismantled, loaded into a transport, moved to the customer’s location, unloaded and reassembled. These costs are included in the rental agreement, so financially would be counterproductive to your company. On the same note, the continued disassembly and reassembly puts a lot of unnecessary stress on the machine, going against our best interest.
    4. OK, OK, hm… with a little planning, we can rent it for a longer period. What if I want to buy it at the end of the agreement?
      1. First off, that’s great. Secondly, we can reach that agreement, and will honor 30% of your rental fee payments up to the date of a sale agreement being reached.
Spare Parts supply?
    1. I’m told you have spare parts to repair my unit. Can you help?
      1. We’ll do our best to assist you: our parts department has deep knowledge of many parts needed for your repairs.
    2. What do you have?
      1. Our parts department can help you locate service and parts manuals, as well as the spare parts themselves.
    3. And… are these original parts?
      1. In general, our parts are OEM. If original parts are required, they can be procured, at a higher cost. Also, we can offer aftermarket spare parts as well.
    4. OEM? Aftermarket? Wha– huh?
      1. In a broad sense, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts refers to parts produced by a third-party company to be used as part of another company’s end-product. Let’s see an example with automotive parts: If Ford uses Bosch fuel injectors as part of their vehicles, Bosch is OEM. Other-brand parts that can be used in a Ford vehicle are called Aftermarket, such as Kinsler fuel injectors.

Something important to keep in mind: After market DOES NOT mean “lower quality”. Any brand can be Aftermarket on a particular Machine Make, and OEM on a different Make.

    1. So, how is the process?
      1. All you have to do is write us an email to jycparts@jycexports.com (or call us), including the following information:
        • Machine Make
        • Machine Model
        • Part Number

We will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours) with a quote and the best lead time possible.

    1. That seems fine, but I’m outside the US. Can we still do this?
      1. Sure we can. We can give you two options:
        • We quote you Miami EXW, and you can then pick up and arrange freight to your location
        • or we quote your location CFR, so you can make arrangements to retrieve from the carrier and do customs. This will increase your costs, unfortunately.
    2. Alright, I’ve received your quote and it works for me. What’s next?
      1. You just have to send us a PO (Purchase Order). We will respond with a Sale Invoice, which will include bank details for you to complete payment. Once payment is confirmed, we will ship out the item.